Radio Broadcast

Ineffable Sounds on No Bounds Radio

Presenting all things sound art: soundscapes, experimental music, sonic meditations, field recordings, sound poetry and audio essays. Shows are released every 2 months.  

Episode 1, 23/02/23                                                                Episode 2, 27/04/23                                                       Episode 3, 29/06/23                                        Episode 4 24/08/23 

Live Events

Ineffable Sounds Live 

Following the 2 month radio broadcast schedule, Ineffable presents Live events in response to each themed radio show.  

Ineffable Sounds Live : Ambient Night 

Ambient live night included a participatory performance of Alvin Lucier’s Chambers which instructs participants to ‘find a way to make [objects] sound environments’. We presented a collection of live performances from local sound artists Daniel Garcia, Lucy Havelock and the MicroPlastics.


The Guitar Social, 20th August 2023



Ear Witness included a creative writing workshop in response to sound by Ella Monnerat and performances from Isaac Maxwell, OM Ensemble, Armed With Bow, FIN and George Rayner-Law.